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دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان : Exploring Employee Relations, Second Edition: An International Approach

نویسنده :NEEK E-Books
تاریخ:سه شنبه 25 اسفند 1388-10:52 ب.ظ

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کتاب الکترونیکی exploring employee

کتاب الکترونیکی Exploring Employee Relations به زبان انگلیسی می باشد

Exploring Employee Relations is a straightforward and accessible text that is aimed at students who are taking the subject for the first time. The structure is clear and logical, leading the newcomer through the topics in a way to maximise comprehension. Key issues are highlighted and supported by a small case or example from business. Chapters are structured to enable progressive learning with a logical development of the content. Each chapter ends with a summary of the key points met in the text and these are further reinforced by review and discussion questions, with answers and feedback on the activities included at the end of the book. The chapters are grouped thematically into parts and longer case studies are included that are suitable for assignment and seminar work.

This new edition is thoroughly revised with a new international approach which provides new material on the European Union and the role of Government and Demography, bargaining power and securing employee commitment. The text has also been written to cover the new CIPD employee relations syllabus

* A clear introductory text covering the CIPD Employee Relations syllabus

* Revised and updated throughout with new material on the European Union, the role and impact of government and demography, bargaining power and ways of securing employee commitment

* Student friendly resource providing self check activities, mini case studies and Question and Answer sections.

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دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان: SQL All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

نویسنده :NEEK E-Books
تاریخ:یکشنبه 9 اسفند 1388-12:12 ق.ظ

Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 0470119284
edition 2007
720 pages
13,6 mb

کتابهای For Dummies در همه جای دنیا شناخته شده هستند ! این بار کتاب For Dummies را با موضوع SQL و دیتا بیس های کامپیوتری می توانید دانلود کنید. اگر از علاقه مندان کتابهای For Dummies هستید، مشاهده مجموعه ی کامل کتابهای For Dummies را در اینجا به شما توصیه می کنیم.

for dummies

کتاب به زبان انگلیسی می باشد

SQL is the international standard language for creating and maintaining relational databases. This book is a compendium of information about SQL and relational database design, development, and maintenance. The nine mini-books cover the full spectrum of issues that arise in building, using, and maintaining relational database systems.

Book I: SQL Concepts

Book II: Relational Database Development

Book III: SQL Queries

Book IV: Data Security

Book V: SQL and Programming

Book VI: SQL and XML...

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دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان : Test your IQ : 400 Questions to boost your brain power

نویسنده :NEEK E-Books
تاریخ:جمعه 11 دی 1388-10:41 ب.ظ

کتاب الکترونیکی Test Your IQ

  شما می توانید لینک دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی Test your IQ : 400 Questions to boost your brain power را در ادامه مطلی بیابید و این کتاب کم حجم را به سادگی دانلود کنید.

 این ebook به سنجش میزان IQ افراد پرداخته و بیش از 400 پرسش را به منظور افزایش توان ذهنی افراد طراحی کرده و روشهایی را پیشنهاد داده است.

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دانلود کتاب : Step by Step Windows 7

نویسنده :NEEK E-Books
تاریخ:شنبه 25 مهر 1388-09:44 ق.ظ

  استفاده از جدیدترین نرم افزار و سیستمهای عامل در ایران خیلی رایج است ! کاربران معمولاً جدیدترین ورژنهای نرم افزارها را بر روی کامپیوترهای خود نصب می کنند، چیزی که شاید در کشورهای دیگر کمی با تاخیر رخ دهد !

 به هر حال ویندوز 7 هم یکی از همین نرم افزارهای جدید است ! که با مطالعه کتاب Step By Step Windows 7 بیشتر با آن آشنا خواهید شد !

Experience learning made easy and quickly teach yourself the essentials of working with Windows 7. With STEP BY STEP, you set the pace building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Learn to manage windows and folders, sort and filter files, create an efficient Windows working environment, and safely access the Internet. You ll learn how to install and manage software and hardware, create and manage homegroups, share content with other computers and computer users, and instantly locate content stored on your PC or network. You ll also learn how to fine-tune your PC s performance and resolve common problems. Plus, the supplied practice files give you a chance to hone your skills and put the book s lessons to work.

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دنبالک ها: کتاب مرتبط در فروشگاه نیک 

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دانلود رایگان مجله Macworld ماه Novemner سال 2009

نویسنده :NEEK E-Books
تاریخ:پنجشنبه 16 مهر 1388-01:01 ق.ظ

 محتوای این مجله آمریکایی که لینک دانلود رایگان فایل PDF آن از سایت Rapidshare در ادامه مطلب آمده است؛ به شرح زیر است.

9 From the Editor's Desk
After a decade of frantic OS development,Apple
consolidates. Also, we do a little re-organizing ourselves.
14 Feedback
Readers respond.
18 Does Snow Leopard Fix
Leopard Annoyances?
We revisit our grievances with Leopard to see if
Snow Leopard addresses them.
19 Snow Leopard's Funny Math
Gigabyte or gibibyte? Which is it?
20 Gmail Fail: Is the Cloud Reliable?
Does Snow leopard Fix 18 How feasible is today's cloud computing?
Leopard Annoyances?
On the Cover
Image by Splash light
28 Apple: AT&T Didn't Ask Us to
Reject Google Voice
Apple continues to "study" the Google Voice app
and notes its concern that the app "appears to alter
the iPhone's distinctive user experience."
29 Is AT&T's 3G Service
Getting Better?
The wireless service provider is updating its 3G band.
29 Apps with Maps: iPhone Car
The iPhone].o software update enabled iPhone apps
to finally support turn-by-turn navigation.
62 Favorite Office Tips
Get more out of Microsoft Office with these five
useful tricks for PowerPoint, four helpful hints for
Excel, and two practical pointers for Word.
63 Next Mac Office Due Late 2010
An update to Microsoft Office for the Mac will
include Outlook.

32 Let It Snow!
Everything you need to know about Mac OS X 10.6,
aka Snow Leopard, is in our 16-page guide.
55 Online Backup Services
Want to add an online backup service to your overall
backup strategy? We rate seven Mac-specific services.
72 Apple Updates iPod Lineup
We have all the news about Apple's recent update
to its music-player lineup.
iTunes 9 Debuts
New features and improvements await you in the
latest update to Apple's jukebox software.
Recover from Digital Photo
Protect your pictures from loss or accidental
erasure. We show you how.
80 Snapshot: High-Speed Photography
Our Snapshot series takes you behind the scenes
of agreat photo.
i3 ilJ5i,
82 Logic Studio versus GarageBand
Are you a musician who needs a more-powerful tool
than GarageBand? See 'What Logic Studio has to offer.
83 Recording a Song on an iPhone
Compose and record a song on your iPhone, and
export the audio to your Mac for editing.
86 Mac as x Hints
Sequentially name copied files, rename open files,
get Safari's debug menu back, and more.
88 Mac9"
Disable Safari 4'S image cache, put spare hard drives
to work, catalog Mail messages by date, and more.
'00 Hot Stuff
Check out the cool stuff we're into right now.

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